verb | ɡāz

the act of depicting the world from a queer lens, decolonizing the binary world view, in order to create space for nonconforming identities.


Who Are We?

Two of #Them invested in how media can contribute to gender expansivity while trying to navigate being gender-uncomfortable in our binary world.


Gayze Project Purpose 

  • To be in conversation and pay homage to the online queer community as it was extremely influential and inspiring for our journey of self discovery. 
  • To tailor the documentary process to be a tool of self healing and self creation.
  • To make meaning thru the archiving of experiences.
  • To deconstruct colonial & ableist aspects of misogyny/homo & transphobia pertinent to queerness.

How to Gayze: 

We have created documentary works that we define as visual – poetry. We have found that the multimedia affordances of the visual poetic mode is well suited for the intersecting and complex ways in which are identities exist and evolve. 


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Emmia & Ell