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The online universe of queer media is glorious. We wanted to share with you some of the most impactful and inspiring queer creators we follow.

The beauty of gender expansivity is that we are unbound by binary limits. However, it also means that it becomes harder to look to others for self-representation. 


The Gayze Project is invested in rethinking our relationship with self-representation. Instead of seeking to see people that look like us, we seek to see what we can see in our selves, in others. Queerness relies on having the imagination and bravery to express the parts of ourselves that are deemed deviant. How can we look to others who model that imagination and bravery as inspiration to do the same? 

Our YouTube Playlist:

These are YouTube videos that have inspired and informed our journey. 

In the Trans Studies Quarterly, Laura Horak published a journal titled Trans on YouTube: Intimacy, Visibility, Temporality, in which they argue “that Trans YouTube videos succeed because their formal strategies exploit the platform’s penchant for the personal and the spectacular”(12). They go onto argue that “Trans “talking head” videos expand the tradition of the feminist consciousness-raising documentary to establish trans youth as experts and create a sense of intimacy between vloggers and viewers”(16).

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